When our mental health takes a dip and we are unwell – sometimes when we have been unwell for quite a while – it can be very easy to lose hope. We believe things will never get better.

Depression can feel incredibly lonely and isolating. It can feel like we’re the only person in the world who feels the way do. 

Through Peer Support, you will meet others who have felt as you did – who have been through similar difficulties to those you have – and have come out the other side. This inspires a level of hope, and reminds us that life will not always be this way. Things can, and will, get better.

The peer support group is a good place to come to. People are all in the same boat, and nobody judges you.

By sharing experiences, we appreciate the skills we’ve developed and the things we’ve learned to help us manage our feelings. And it’s validating to pass these skills and ideas onto others.

The idea of peer support is to harness people’s own experience of mental ill-health and recovery to support others and foster a sense of hope. In recent years, the sharing of lived experience has been recognised as an increasingly important, complementary aspect of mental health treatment and recovery

EDAMH offers an informal peer support group based on the needs of the people we support. This will be facilitated at a local easily accessible venue.  The weekly focus of the group is determined by participants and can include activities such as arts and crafts, music, quizzes or just having a blether.