The EDAMH Violence Against Women Recovery Project aims to improve the mental health, well being and quality of life of women in East Dunbartonshire, through the provision of specialist emotional, practical and social support. 

Not sure what domestic abuse is? Find out more here.

EDAMH recognises that women recovering from mental ill health as a consequence of previous or current experience of domestic abuse and violence, have specific support needs. We offer a service that addresses this need presented by women 18 years+ who are living in East Dunbartonshire.

Support is underpinned by a person centred, strengths and assets focussed, recovery approach to restore the quality of women’s life and positive existence. Women are supported to pursue a recovery shaped by their hopes and needs, by restoring a meaningful and purposeful structure to their daily lives, including increased social contacts and vocational activity. 

I feel I am a real person and not just a number.  I am made to feel I matter!

We take a holistic approach and recognise the impact that mental and physical health have on each other. EDAMH believes that by using a strengths based recovery approach we can work in partnership with each individual to create their unique recovery plan and by empowering women every step of the way, we can offer tailor made support. This is achieved through one to one support and peer support groups.

Understanding that I am not alone in dealing with my issues.

By providing this service, we aim to reduce harm, isolation, restore confidence, improve motivation, self esteem and emotional resilience to ensure that:

  • Disabled people have improved access to justice and to their rights
  • The harmful effects against women and girls are reduced due to services working together to maximise their effectiveness 
  • The harm to women and girls with protected characteristics and other vulnerabilities is reduced through increased inclusive service provision 

Our experience has shown that, even in the most difficult circumstances, for many women, our support can facilitate change to enable them to reach their potential.

EDAMH Worker