The support forces me to take some time out for myself as at the moment I am working as normal and have a newborn and young child. The calls with David are a great mood booster and remind me of some of the fundamentals of mental health that I let myself neglect since the outbreak began.

It has also allowed me to vent as the situation is making our workplace a very stressful and sometimes unpleasant place and David can give me a sanity check and relatable advice on dealing with it while reminding me how far I have come. 

It has been hard to utilise weekly planners given the unpredictability of life with a kid and newborn with working commitments. David has reminded me to take some time for myself and has given me advice on how to fit in exercise. One of the things that has really stuck with me is the three pillars of mental health, diet, exercise and sleep and David has given me great advice on these three neglected areas in my life one of which is a suggestion of taking some quick exercises. I also appreciate having an hour of his time to vent about the tough situation. 

I can’t thank EDAMH and David enough for the support over the last months and especially during this outbreak.

While I was thinking about scaling back the support before my second child was born and in normal circumstances. I would have felt better able to cope with life given the tools David has given me. Unfortunately, due to these developments I am finding the support invaluable and I really don’t feel scaling back or stopping would be beneficial to me. I hope it can continue.