Before I started with EDAMH I would panic on the bus. I was therefore in the house most of the time, I didn’t want to go out. Anxiety and depression set in due to situations at work.

I didn’t want to meet people or get involved in life. I thought at first the referral to EDAMH was a way for the job-centre to sanction me but I was pleasantly surprised to find that EDAMH was there to help me and asked me what I wanted. They were willing to listen but also encourage me to try the next step. They told me it was my choice, my action plan. This made me feel like a real person and listened to.

I’m in employment, happy feeling confident and comfortable.


My first step forward was coming up with an action plan to tackle the bus journey which was a bit scary. It was good because I felt I had control, discussing and planning when I wanted to make the journey and breaking it down into small steps.

Practicing bits first; standing at the bus stop, getting on the bus for a few stops with then without my worker, what seat to sit in. The first time I did the journey on my own was really hard but I used the techniques Anne and I had practiced. Anne always encouraged me, focusing on my strengths and what I had achieved. I gained confidence and started volunteering.

The PDA course definitely helped particularly with my confidence in a group. I used this in my interview for my job. I’m in employment, happy feeling confident, and comfortable. I speak to people at the bus stop, on the bus and I talk to people at work. I have my life back.