The support that I get has allowed me to go to the confidence course. I knew my worker was going to be there and having it explained that I could leave whenever I needed to, without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed was very reassuring.

I honestly feel really comfortable and it is easy to talk to my worker because she has an understanding of my situation and how to encourage me to take risks and try things outside my comfort zone.

Because we are going through scenarios and solutions with different skills and coping methods, I am dealing with everyday situations a little better.  I feel I am in my life again and not just watching it go by me.

My worker listens to me and says my words back to me but in a positive, Miracle questions way.  This makes me think of situations differently, although at the time it is hard. She asks me to think about what we can discuss and then we talk at our next appointment about them, it makes me feel real and able to do things.  She always says I am in control, and I trust her as she does what she says she will. This makes me take responsibility for what I have to do. It works.