I enjoyed going to Cedar.

I met lots of new friends and had lots of yummy snacks.

I loved making our own folders and playing with Play doh.

Sometimes in group it was really hard to deal with. I didn’t like the video of the kids and the nasty dad. But it made me realise that other people go through it and it was the dad that was wrong and not the kids. So it wasn’t my fault and it helped with the guilty feelings in my tummy. At first I was kinda in my own world and didn’t want to talk about it. But listening to my new friends talk about bad things that happened to them makes me feel that it’s okay to talk because they all kinda know what I’m talking about and what I’m going to say.

Cedar made me realise the things “he” did wasn’t my fault. 

Dianne is awesome and the food we had was all healthy. Lorna was also really cool they both made me feel better about going there.

I wish there was more Cedar and I could go back.

Callum's Playdoh masterpiece