If you are worried that someone close to you is suicidal or unsafe, you can try the following:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask if a person is thinking about suicide. You won’t increase their risk of suicide. While asking can be awkward, not asking can be much worse.
  • If they are in immediate danger or can’t keep themselves safe, call Emergency Services on 999 or take them to the Hospital Accident and Emergency department.
  • If they are not in immediate danger but are still thinking about harming themselves, encourage them to seek help immediately from their GP, a mental health professional, Samaritans 116 123 or Breathing Space 0800 83 85 87
  • If the person tells you how they might be planning to harm them self, remove whatever means they are planning to use, e.g. take away dangerous weapons, remove car keys and ensure potentially dangerous medications are kept safe for the time being.
  • Help the person to develop a clear, written safety plan that tells them which trusted close friends or family members they can call in times of emergency.
  • Remember that if someone is feeling like their life is not worth living that they are experiencing overwhelming emotional distress.