Anyone can have mental health problems but with the right support people can and do recover. Recovery means being able to live a good life, as defined by the person, with or without symptoms.

Recovery is a journey into wellbeing by building resilience to be able to live a meaningful and satisfying life. It is about having control over your own life and learning how to manage symptoms in a different, more positive way to restore choices, dignity and self-esteem.

Recovery is based on the principals of:

  • Hope – You can make the difference to your own well being 
  • Self Advocacy – You can tell people about your own well being and what works for you
  • Personal Responsibility – You can take control of your own well being
  • Education – You can learn about who you are so you can make choices about your own life
  • Support – You can choose the best support for you

The people that we support tell us that recovery for them is:

  • A very personal experience
  • A journey for some that can have ups and downs
  • About what you can do, not what you can’t
  • Not always easy or straight forward but well worth it